Fiona Adams operates a design studio with clients in a variety of sectors such as the youth, industrial and corporate. With total dedication and paramount attention to detail, Fiona places importance on producing high quality work. Fiona has been operating her studio for over 10 years and has the experience to successfully work with you on your next project.

web design and development


No matter the size of your business or corporation, your website is often the first point of contact with your customers so it’s important that it correctly embodies you and your organisation.

Fiona believes a successful website should not only look great, but it should also work well. Fiona works with clients to design websites that will enhance the user’s experience to ensure that it’s easy to use and intuitive.

From microsites to large interactive websites, as well as content managed systems (CMS), Fiona can create an online solution that can be tailored to suite your needs and budget.

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print design


Your advertising and marketing collateral play an important role in attracting new business, increasing sales and creating greater brand awareness. Fiona loves designing projects for print. Business cards, letterheads, brochures, leaflets, posters, banners, vehicle graphics, packaging, the list goes on... If it can be printed, Fiona can design it.

Every project that Fiona undertakes is designed and produced to the highest standards. With traditional graphic design training, combined with Fiona’s vast experience working with clients in a variety of industries, your project will be professional and creatively tailored to suite your audience.

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web hosting


Online communication and emails are an important aspect of your business so it’s important to use the best hosting services possible to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Do you need hosting for your website?

Fiona is a reseller for a top Australian web hosting company which allows Fiona to offer quality web and email hosting services for your business at a reasonable price. Please contact Fiona to discuss your business needs. Fiona is happy to recommend and tailor a solution that meets your unique infrastructure needs and budget.

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digital design


Digital media and online marketing are now considered essential channels to communicate and promote directly to your audience.

Combining attractive visuals, movement, interaction and sound excites the senses and provides an excellent opening to engage your audience. A well designed digital piece can leave a long lasting impression on your audience.

Whether you need a product demo, banner ad, online learning module or multimedia presentation, Fiona has the skills and experience to create a unique interactive design for you.

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corporate identity


Corporate identity is not just about creating a logo for your business or product; it’s about creating an identity through maintaining visual continuity and brand recognition across all expressions of your brand. Fiona believes logo design is about creating a graphical representation of your company’s or product’s individuality. The design should represent your product or company, while conveying a message and most of all it should add value to your brand.

Whether you need a new brand for your company or you’re rejuvenating a current business’ image, Fiona is happy to provide you with a custom design solution that will make your image works for you.

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signage and display design


Branding is as much about the initial logo design as it is about the application of the brand across a number of different mediums. Fiona believes it is extremely important that your brand is used consistently and remains the way it was intended on whatever it is you produce. With considerable experience in branding, Fiona is able to assist you with your needs.

Whether its displays and banners for events, signage for retail outlets, vehicle or fleet graphics, Fiona will ensure that the result is creative and refreshing while keeping your branding consistent. Fiona also works closely with professional signage and display experts, located on site, to ensure that the best possible outcome is achieved within your timeframe and budget.

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associated services

In addition to Fiona’s typical services she can provide a range of associated services that complement and enhance her business.

Services include:


Fiona has an excellent relationship with a local printer and can offer you quality printing with your next design project.


Fiona can handle some client’s needs in-house. When it comes to photo shoots, there are some instances where specialist photography is required so that’s when Fiona calls in the experts.

Image Sourcing

Fiona has access to several prominent image libraries from which to choose. This can be a more affordable solution when the cost of a photo shoot blows the budget.

Voice over recordings

Fiona has access to a number of voice over recording specialists that she highly recommends and can engage to record your next voice over script.

Contact Fiona to find out how she can work with you to achieve the best results for your next project.