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Sally White Website

the request

Sally White is the author of a book “Three Quotes from a Plumber: How a Second Opinion Changed the Life of a Woman with a Brain Tumour”. The book details the inspiring story of Sally White, wife and mother of two young boys, who has written about her experiences following being diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2007. The story explores her challenges with the medical profession, her adventures with alternative therapies and details how she tackled a life-threatening tumour while still being a mother and a partner to her husband, David.

Sally approached Fiona to create a website to promote her book and also provide a space to detail further information for people wanting to read more about cancer and healthy living options. The site needed to be creative to reflect the design of the book, while remaining simple for people to navigate and read information.

the outcome

Fiona produced a html website that has a very creative and artistic look. The website uses a basic CMS (Content Management System) to manage the content on the website so it easily updated by Sally when additional information is added.

features overview:

  • Content managed website using basic CMS
  • Artistic design to match the book's creative